Training Methodology

Our Training Methodology.

The Training is conducted in following methods.

In Classroom Training:

We have several class rooms in our training facility and all the classes are conducted in class setting with live faculty conducting classes.

Online Training:

For several individuals it is not possible to attend in class room due various reasons, those individual can also attend classes same class online. The online attending same class conducted by live faculty

Free weekly SAP SEMINAR

The SAP is very vast and have many modules in it and is very difficult to determine and understand brief background/ overview of each of these modules. We provide free weekly seminar in order to SAP overview so people can make better decision in regards to SAP with knowledge in hand.

Please contact our Training Manager for weekly SAP seminar details.

Free Background Evaluation Matrix

This is very important and difficult decision to choose correct SAP module. The selection of correct SAP module is very important first steps in over all SAP journey. The provide free service of evaluation your background and suggesting a good SAP module.

Please contact our Training Manager for Evaluation Matrix

Client Satisfaction

We take pride in the quality of our software systems, but we measure our success by how useful they are in the real world. We are gratified by our clients' satisfaction. We are in the business of building solutions to help your business thrive, and we look forward to working with you.

Expert Technical Knowledge

We build web, desktop, database, mobile and enterprise software, and are expert in technologies such as Ruby on Rails, .NET, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, MSSQL, Java, C++. We are not tied to them, however, and are always scouting for new tools that can help us communicate more clearly, work more efficiently, and meet customer specifications more elegantly.

Agile Approach

We have found that the agile approach to software development and project management allows us to reduce risk, boost quality, and accommodate change comfortably. We work closely with you to define and prioritize features so we can deliver working software quickly. Refinements are made with each iteration of analysis, design, coding and testing. The completed system evolves from continuous collaboration between your business experts and our technical experts.

Let's Create Something Together

Our talented pool of Consultants and high technology infrastructure provide substantial
support in providing timely services to the global clientele.

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